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Thanks to you all for getting behind my latest video & album project The Yellow Brick Road Diaries. Love y'all and can't wait to get the new music out to you! Remember, every single donation gets a gift! Also, please share the link with your friends! Let's spread the music!
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Here it is! We are officially kicking off Michelle Leigh's Yellow Brick Road Diaries project! Click the link below to see the AWESOME Michelle Leigh merchandise you can get for your donations. Much love and thanks to you all! Can't wait to get the new music out to you all!!
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Guys, I've got SO MUCH INFO to share with you all tmrw! New merch, new dates, new music, new events! It's going to be EPIC! PLEASE tune in to my live broadcast at 8 pm Eastern, January 17 to hear all about what's going on and how you can get on board for some cool rewards.
Love y'all bunches!!
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Michelle Leigh2 weeks ago
Want to get to know Southern Rocker Michelle Leigh? Here's how:

REDEMPTION by Michelle Leigh
No one is above Life's Fray, but no one is exiled from Joy, either. Redemption features Eight True Stories lived out by Michelle Leigh, then immortalized in music. It is about her walk through some of the hardest days of her life, all the way through to finding her ultimate happiness.
Download your copy now from CDBaby or order directly from Michelle for your autographed copy of Redemption.
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Michelle Leigh3 weeks ago
From all of us at Michelle Leigh Music, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!